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Nagaki Seiki is a well-known brand, trusted provider of reliable solutions and high-quality services, for electrical and related infrastructure, in Japan and Overseas.

Nagaki Seiki has been designing, developing and manufacturing premium-quality, professional-grade tools for more than 70 years. All of the Nagaki tools are manufactured in Japan and are the No. 1 choice among professionals in power, railway, telecommunication, construction and trading fields.

we design and build tools to meet specific customer needs


Hot Stick are used by attaching a variety of tools to tips for wire grappling, cutting and cleanup. This has become indispensable for the live-line construction and maintenance method and these are used by all Japanese power companies as well as Overseas power companies.


Cutting a live-line cable can be very challenging without the proper tools. Used mainly to cut a live-line cable by stringing the cables from both side of the product, the Hot puller is an insulated tool allowing the customer to safely work on electrical live-lines without cutting off the power.

Ratchet Puller

NAGAKI’s ratchet pullers are used for pulling application for distribution, transmission and train’s electrical lines. It uses a ratcheting mechanism in order to reach high pulling loads during construction with minimum time and effort. There are wide range of models you can choose according to your needs.

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Ratchet Pullers


NAGAKI’s high-quality wire grips combine strength and durability. Light and compact, they are widely used in power, railway and telecommunication fields for pulling application on various wires and cables. Our wire grip design is well-known for easy one-handed operation and for its minimum damage on the cable.

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Wire Grips


The 4 sizes in 1 Insulated ratchet wrenches are handy tools for any electrician. Tested for 1000 Volt usage, they are light and versatile with easy swap between sizes of the wrench and rotational direction.

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Ratchet Wrenches


Used together with wire grips and ratchet pullers, the NAGAKI Tension meters measures quickly the mechanical tension applied on the cable. This allows you to control the pulling load and safe stringing applications.

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Tension Meters


Easy to use and very precise with high quality Japanese blades, our cable peelers are used to quickly strip electrical cables. The peeler is 2 sizes in 1 tool for helical cut and the stripper has a large blade to strip the cable in only one full rotation.

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Cable Peelers and Cable Strippers


Our cutter is designed with insulated handle to cut wire cables safely and accurately. The ratcheting mechanism gives higher cutting strength and allows easy cut on copper and aluminum wires.

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Wire cutters

Our technology and quality are recognized in more than 30 countries
and support lives of people.


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Nagaki Standards ties people’s lives.

Nagaki Seiki has been manufacturing dedicated tools and equipment to support safety and lives across various fields.

Our design, technology and quality are recognized in more than 30 countries and NAGAKI Standard, world standard for safety tool’s quality, continues to ensure the safety and security of many people all around the world

There is no end in sight for our creation

We always look forward to the future and continue to evolve.

We will meet your expectations and we manufacture products with precision using our high-end technologies, our wisdom, and going through the complete Nagaki process of formulating a plan, conceiving a design, making a prototype and completing various tests. We can find breakthrough with new perspective ideas, mindset of constant research, not only by relying on past experiences and history but also by trusting each person’s high consciousness and ability to think out. This “know-how” and “corporate culture” which supports our quality has been cultivated over a long period of time at NAGAKI.

NAGAKI SEIKI CO., LTD. Was established in April 1946.

Designated by Osaka Gas Co., we started by manufacturing gas pipe cutters.

Simultaneously, the engineering division was founded to improve the quality of our tools as well as developing new designs, researching new technologies and expending production to various tools.

NAGAKI has set up extremely strict quality standards for its products.

We use Japanese technology to protect the quality stipulated by our company. Our quality process is constantly improved by continuing to research, make prototype, trials and test to meeting the expectation and the demands of the professionals who use our tools every day.


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